Saturday, August 31, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go: Dealing With Fair Weather Friendships As If You're in an Episode of the Real Housewives

This isn't the type of post I'd usually write for the Saturday Spotlight here at Through Stephanie's Eyes but I thought it was appropriate given the myriad of changes in the lives of many of my friends and that of my alter egos.  Both Tammy and Lia have new releases coming up and I've taken a backseat to help them prepare for those. Not that I mind one bit. I'm still finding my own niche and going through my old manuscripts. A few I've been able to tweak and get presentable and others are just, well, just NO! LOL!

Being in the background, many people forget I'm there and I end up privy to a lot. I've watched authors slam others for no reason other than they're perceived as threats and because they can. I've sat back and watched a close, dear friend (let's call her Jacqueline) make the decision to distance herself from another of our friends(let's call her Teresa) because she couldn't stand being lied to anymore. Okay, lying is a bit harsh, but it was enough of a problem "Jacqueline" just couldn't overlook any longer. Instead of confrontation, she ended their affiliation and online friendship with "Teresa." 

Teresa didn't understand why it happened, but instead of going to the source, the questions were presented to the online groups involving people who had no business getting involved. This was and still is an issue between TWO individuals and has NOTHING to do with anyone else.  So why can't others stay out of it?

It's only human nature to want to help a friend who comes to you upset, but it's another thing all together to add fuel to the fire. Instead of just supporting the friend and allow them to work it out, another person (let's call her Kim D) felt it was her "duty" as mentor, shoulder to cry on, den mother, and enabler to step in and demand an explanation. 

Wait. It gets a bit more convoluted. When the demand for an explanation was met with only silence from Jacqueline, the conspiracy theory wheels began turning. Now instead of an issue between two people who probably would work this out on their own if everyone else just stayed out of it, it's become a nasty bit of business with little barbs and digs tossed out about Jacqueline and any other person (let's call her Caroline) who appears to support Jacqueline.

All the subsequent B.S occurring is now based all on the word of "Kim D" who as it turns out has been trying to put wedges between Teresa and Jacqueline for quite some time. 

Low and behold Jacqueline and Teresa pick up the phone and start talking. Yay! They hashed out their differences, laughed about the silly crap that got them there in the first place and agreed to work on their relationship from that point on. Of course that's not what Kim D wanted to hear!

Ms. D is mighty upset. Seems Jacqueline and Teresa have been comparing notes and find out from each other all the little lies being told about not only them but Caroline and the rest of their little group of friends.  All of it being spread by one person...KIM D.

Kim D's hold on the group of friends is slipping and more of them are breaking away, moving on to greener pastures and leaving her behind. This doesn't sit well with her and she launches a whole new barrage of attacks, telling such ridiculous tales about former members of their group. All of it is proven to be false. 

Jacqueline, Teresa and Caroline continue on with their friendship and meet new friends along the way. Ms. Kim D...well, that's a tale for another day, my friends. The smoke around her hasn't cleared yet. I'll let you know!

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  1. Wow! That about sums up another situation in our lives, doesn't it Steph. hmmmm

    Excellent post! Now get back to work on The Do Over!