Friday, January 25, 2013

Where Did the Day Go?

Like many of my fellow author friends, I have plans to spend all of my time writing away cranking out one book after another, living my dream of a published author...and hopefully a successful one! ;) Unfortunately like many I have found that real life gets in the way of my writing plans. The laundry and dishes that continue to pile up will not go away by themselves. Neither will the litter boxes become miraculously clean simply because I wish them to be. All of these every day tasks must be done by someone, but who will do it when Stephanie the Writer is off creating worlds?

My husband has been an amazing support system and will pick up the slack for me most of the time. Unfortunately there are days where both of us are letting things pile up, adding to our already high stress levels because of our every day jobs...what I like to refer to as our evil day jobs. "Mr. Ryan" is in the Coast Guard and has to get up at 5 am daily. To me that's an ungodly hour so I try to avoid it as much as possible! LOL Since he has to get up so early, he's often dropping off rather early at night, even on Friday night. He's been in the military for over 20 years and his body is used to this schedule. 

Do you see where I'm going with this? 

At times we're like two ships that pass in the night, or in the early morning as the case may be. For my evil day job, I have to work afternoons and on Sundays I work at 8am when Mr. Ryan has the day off. When we finally do get time to spend with each other, it's often taken up with running errands or catching up with the household chores. 

So when do I get to write?  Good question. 

It's just not about my writing either. There are two alter egos that have to find the time to work on their WIPs as well. With so many different characters and plotlines running through "our" brain, it's a wonder "we" get any sleep at all. I would much rather stay up late and be the night owl that I've been for years, than to get my butt out of bed before 8am. Unfortunately, staying up late and sleeping in hasn't given me any wiggle room in my schedule. I'm going to have to make a BIG change here, starting tomorrow morning.

As much as I detest it, I'm going to start getting up early and going to bed before 12:30am. That's just the way it has to be in order to get everything done. It's probably going to be a good idea to restart the "Fly Lady" way of house cleaning and organizing too. Mr. Ryan and I can get so much done together during the early hours if I make that little change. He's made so many more concessions for me and my writing. It's time I give back to him and our home. 

With that thought, I'll leave you all for the night. 6am comes awfully early to those of us who aren't used to taking the covers off our heads before the sun comes up! Goodnight!


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